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The star of the 90s Kai Metov is by no means sad for his former popularity. He is again on horseback: life is seething, and especially personal.

His songs no longer sound “out of iron”, but this circumstance does not sadden Kai at all – there is much to attach to his hands, which are clearly not for boredom.

– If something is interesting to me, then I dive into it with my head, and then something comes out of it, – says the performer. – I was interested in music – I plunged into it. I wanted to become a restaurateur – for several years my club worked in the center of Moscow. Then he started producing placental cosmetics …

In this case, the artist does not even think to say goodbye to the stage. Moreover, Kai assures that he still collects notices, though not so often.

“I have a golden rule – solo philharmonic concerts are sure to work,” says the singer. – These are not always big halls, but those 700-1000 people to whom I am interested not only with popular hits, but also with some novelties. I usually go on tour with five – seven performances, then I sit at home for one and a half or two months. Although the money that I earn so, of course, is not enough, so I have to spin.

He is spinning, including for the sake of the 26-year-old charming Anastasia, with whom she has recently lived together. Next year, lovers are planning to play a wedding.

“Nastya is an actress, a model, and my closest person today who loves me very much,” Metov, 54, shares. – I have long dreamed of her appearance in my life, and everything happened – our hearts were united on a subtle mental level.

“We met six years ago at one event where I had a meeting, and Kai spoke,” says Anastasia. – Began to communicate. Ky took the phone number from me, then after a pause, he began to ring. The first time they met, the second – and the relationship began.

A couple thinks about children. Although Kai Metov has heirs from a previous relationship: a son and two daughters, one of whom is even older than his current darling.

“I tell him:“ Kai, you already have three children, ”Nastya smiles. – And he says to me: “You know, I’ve matured now, I’ve become smarter, so I want more children to take care of their education in a different and more conscious way”.

It is interesting that Metov always chose companions much younger than himself. He lived with Anastasia Olga Filimontseva from the “Love Stories” group, but the matter did not come to marriage. Then the musician assured that he had gained invaluable experience in communicating with young ladies and was no longer going to repeat the same mistakes. Apparently, he changed his mind …

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