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In the West, no one will go to the concert of Madonna or any other pop diva for a thousand dollars. In Russia, buying a ticket for 70 thousand rubles for Pugacheva is now considered a rare success.

Alla Borisovna in the past 10 years, though she participated in national concerts, she did not give public solos. There were corporate parties, a performance for guests of the economic forum in St. Petersburg, but only favorites were allowed there.

However, to attend the upcoming anniversary concert of the Prima Donna in the Kremlin Palace, too, obviously, not everyone will be able to.

It was originally planned that it would be possible to witness the historical performance of the last USSR people’s actress at a price ranging from 2.5 to 70 thousand rubles. What is called, all sisters are in earrings – both mere mortals and oligarchs. But in order to buy tickets at par, it was necessary to take a queue at the box office the day before and to freeze all night in the bright light of the Kremlin ruby ​​rays.

The dealers were the most savvy. Since it was announced that no more than ten tickets are being released into one hand, each one brought with him a dozen pensioners who played the role of eager to get to Pugachev for a small bribe, and in the first hour of sales they swept off all the tickets.

As a result, today the Internet is full of offers to get to the concert for 40-200 thousand rubles. In addition, numerous ticket aggregators charge a special commission “for the service” – 20 percent against the usual 10. This is the amount that, if the concert is canceled (the singer will be 70), will not be returned under any condition.

In short, at the first in many years (and, apparently, the last big one), the actress wants to earn everything. And she herself as well. If we assume that the average official ticket price for a concert is 35 thousand rubles, and deduct seats for invited guests, as well as the cost of renting the Kremlin Palace (over 2 million rubles), author’s deductions and the work of musicians and backing vocalists, that the singer will rescue more than 100 million rubles.

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