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Anna Semenovich had to interrupt the Roman holidays because of a home emergency. While the singer enjoyed the views of the Italian capital, a hose in the kitchen broke in her Moscow apartment.

The incident on the phone reported a neighbor from the bottom, which began to drip from the ceiling. The first to close the flood were Anna’s relatives, her parents and brother, who came urgently. The singer herself urgently changed the return ticket and flew to Moscow.

“Of course, I had the most pessimistic pictures in my head,” says Anna. – It seemed that I would open the door, and a rush of water would rush at me and meet the enraged neighbors. I was even afraid to think about how my shoes float around the apartment and the condition of the carpets.

Fortunately, due to the fact that my beautiful neighbor on time noticed everything and called everyone around, we managed to avoid serious consequences, only the kitchen of the apartment from below was damaged.

As the singer says, she was also very worried about her rare species of aquarium fish. Indeed, as a result of the flood, the wiring was closed and the oxygen supply system broke down.

– The master came only the day after my return, he quickly repaired everything. But the fish began to feel not very good, continues Semenovich. – Thank God, everything turned out okay. Of course, the floors have suffered quite seriously, but the masters say that they are made well and, when they are completely dry, they will most likely fall into place. In general, I hope that this incident was the last “hello” from Mercury retrograde. Now tune in to only positive!

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