Russia Celebrity


Loving actor and singer attributed to many famous ladies.

Actresses Anna Chipovskaya and Oksana Akinshina, figure skater Tatyana Navka … and singer Victoria Daineko. They met back in 2011, but did not agree with the characters.

Alex used to change girls like gloves, Vika needed a serious relationship. Therefore, she married musician Dmitry Kleiman. In 2015, the couple had a daughter. However, after a couple of years, a divorce followed, and now Daineko is as free as Sparrow’s forever idle.

Now Lesch and Vika often appear together, and this is why rumors about the resumption of the former novel have spread. They even recorded a joint video for the song with the very symbolic title “Happy New Year, my beloved person.” However, still do not reveal all the cards.

“Vika and I have a long tradition – for 11 years we have been celebrating the New Year together,” says Alexei Vorobiev. – Only not on December 31, like all normal people, but a little earlier. 11 years ago we went for a walk, went to a cafe, drank coffee there, ate tangerines, it was snowing outside the window, and I decided that since we have this New Year mood, then we will designate this day as our personal holiday. And since then, no matter what happens, no matter how our relations develop, we congratulate each other on the New Year on this very day.

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