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Ana Ruiz: “By inertia I am very active and I am not afraid of anything”

Ana Ruiz is a fun, positive, curranta and, above all, cheerful woman. She does not need a party, because the party is her. We met at the charming Quinta de los Cedros hotel in Madrid, and upon arrival, the actress flooded the cozy hall with its magnetism and vitality. As Ana is so active, we immediately took action and the result of our meeting could not be more satisfactory. Do you want to know what the actress told us? In this interview for Gente con Estilo we discovered this Sevillian girl in love with life and her profession, theater being her great weakness.

You make a perfect tandem with José Luis Gil (‘La que se avecina’). You are in the theater with ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’ and you filmed the movie ‘Miau’.

José Luis is a great person. It’s simple, generous, discreet … ‘Miau’ is a very unusual movie because now everything that is done is of young people. However, in ‘Miau’ the protagonists are over 60 years old. It is a tender film and my character gives light to the life of one of these retirees.

In addition, in Cyrano you are also a producer.

Yes and because of my temperament I have to have everything under control. I’m not a mother, but it’s the feeling that Cyrano is like my son. I want everything to go well and that we all enjoy. You play the money, but since I like risk, I see it as an investment. In 2019 we will continue touring because the reviews are very good.

We talked before there was a lot of fiction for young people. Does the image send?

We live in a time where everything is based on youth, aesthetics and physicality. We establish a fictitious and false basis. For example, on Instagram we only show the beauty of our lives, how beautiful we are and all politically correct. It is a superficial and false world. In life, people cry and suffer. 

Ana Ruiz poses in one of the suites with private terrace of the Quinta de los Cedros.

Photo: Ana Ruiz

What relationship do you have with social networks?

I am a little left, but I force myself. I know it’s a reality that the number of followers matters.

But you upload few things from your private life.

In the networks I put things of my cats, of my work. I take care of my private life. There is a part of my followers that want to know, but I get away from all that.

You look like a very open Sevillian.

And so I am. I am an extrovert, but I know how to differentiate my work very well from my personal life.

Do you comply with the stereotypes of the typical Sevillian?

Some. I am from Seville, trianera and a very traditional girl. I like Easter, its fairs, I dress in flamenco. I am very family and I travel a lot to my city to see my family and friends, who have nothing to do with those of the profession. They oxygenate me. I like my job, but there are things around that I do not like so much. Of course I have friends in the profession, but I like to be with people who are part of a real society.

The actress of Cyrano, in one of the charming corners of the hotel.

Photo: Ana Ruiz

And do you like Madrid?

I’ve been in Madrid for 17 years. I feel very comfortable in the capital. I found my site I like the movement. I am street.

Where would you fix your residence if you formed a family?

Where the work is, there will be me, which in the end is what prevails because you have to live. Being very familiar, I came to Madrid very young because that is where most of the work is.

You became known thanks to TV with ‘Camera Café’, but what’s more to you?

I am passionate about being an actress, but theater is my habitat. I love teamwork and the special relationship that you create with your teammates when you’re on tour. Putting the audience on their feet is something very exciting.

Do the fans wait for you when they leave the theater?

Yes, very many. The public feels the need to tell us their emotions when they see the work.

Photo: Ana Ruiz

So you like the movement, the tours, are you street?

Yes and no, because I’m also very homemade. I like to be in my house with my three cats, the blanket and watching a movie. But I like to travel and move from one city to another.

What do your friends say about you?

They see me very happy, with character and drive. There are few things that slow me down in life. By inertia I am active. I’m not afraid of anything. I am positive and the ‘no’, I turn them into ‘yes’. I like music, singing, dancing …

You dance, by the way, very well.

My mother enrolled in a salsa course and asked me to accompany her. In the end I was hooked. And the sevillanas I love, I was born with the robe on.

What do you remember about your childhood?

My childhood has been very happy. I remember it as a beautiful stage. My family always united. I still see my friends from school. Christmas for me are the best parties, they bring me my childhood. These will be spent in Seville, with the family and my nephew. I am a gift, because I do not like to accumulate things.

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