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Fabiola Martínez celebrates her most fun and family birthday

Fabiola Martínez says goodbye to 2018 in style, and not only because of the Christmas celebrations that the family is living, but also because Bertín’s wife celebrates one more year. The 28 December is a very special day for the Family to , and wanted to celebrate as he deserves: With a fun family party at the Hacienda de San José, the Sevillian farm, a very important place for them, as he confessed Bertin Osborne himself: “Here I have lived some of the best moments of my life, the most fun and the most beautiful with my family”, come on, he could not get into his 46 in a better way!And we have been part of that party because the daughters of Bertin have let us in thanks to social networks, where they have shared everything.

Fabiola spent a wonderful day in the country surrounded by her children , Kike (who recovers from her last operation) and Carlos, as well as the daughters of Bertin, Eugenia and Claudia. Both maintain a great relationship with their father’s wife, and they were the ones who showed us the amount of shots they prepared.

The Venezuelan seemed not to have entered very well in the Osborne family at the beginning of their relationship, but now these quarrels seem more than forgotten and Fabiola is one more in the family of her husband. They took advantage of the good weather that still lashes the town to celebrate it outdoors with a family feast that was joined by a tuna that surprised the birthday girl with her music. I could not miss a large personalized cake and several occasional cake to put on your boots.

Although there was also some mishap … Hours before the birthday, Eugenia Osborne shared on her Instagram the gifts she was going to do to Fabiola, but she got caught by the bull! Almost no time, but managed to get a gray sweater with a turtleneck and pants with a darker shade of stripes at the last minute.

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