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Miriam Saavedra and Carlos Lozano continue their relationship

Carlos Lozano and Miriam Saavedra have given us the surprise these days. Within the contest Miriam Saavedra completely denied Carlos Lozano, but now seems to have given a new opportunity to the presenter. They try to play clueless, but they are together. And so we tell you in the new number of Ten Minutes that you find from this Monday December 31 in your kiosk. We have the photos that confirm your relationship, so go running and get a copy of the magazine.

The Peruvian and the former model went out for lunch on Christmas Eve with Haydee, Miriam’s mother . The three of them shared a car and, before sitting down at a seafood restaurant, they approached to make some arrangements to a bank branch.

In fact, his remains so current that Kiko Hernandez said in ‘Save me’ that Miriam and Carlos had planned to go through the altar.

The information was provided by the diner at the next table, who explained to the program how that food had been developed by three explaining how they treated and talked with a lot of love, even using terms like “my love” or “love” . The witness says that they talked until the wedding because Miriam’s mother is what she wants.

What is not yet known is how the news has been taken Monica Hoyos, former Carlos and mother of his daughter , with which Miriam agreed on GH VIP.

The two women constantly competed in very tense moments inside the house. What is clear is that Monica, his passage through the program is giving more dislikes than joys. The last one is that it could end the year with a demand between hands for breaking the contract with the production company by not attending the final show of the program.

For now, we publish in our paper edition the photos with this meeting. Although for now Miriam plays mistrust. Given this information, Miriam wanted to deny that she had returned with her ex . “We had to talk. He has apologized and I think it’s nice but I still feel hurt and I have a lot to analyze, “he said.

But everything happened in a very kind way between them. And, after eating together, Carlos accompanied Miriam to see an apartment in the north of the capital. The winner of the latest edition of GH VIP is looking for a rental house to settle and continue in Madrid. After the visit, Miriam’s mother let the couple continue enjoying the day alone

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