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The innocent of Alba Carrillo and her mother who could not have left them worse

The day of the innocents is leaving us own notices of the best of feature films … We no longer know what to believe and what not. If this morning we woke up with the ‘bombshell’ that Belén Esteban and Miguel Marcos have canceled the most anticipated wedding of the year, we now learn that Alba Carrillo and Lucia Pariente are the next contestants of ‘GH DUO’ . And of course, it is also nothing more than an innocence, that does not panic. Mother and daughter have announced to all their followers that they would compete again in a reality show of Telecinco through a video they shared on their social networks. But no, it has not strained. The reason? Several factors have made his followers suspect that it was all a joke …

It was not the right time to give such news, to start somewhere … Hang a video at night saying that then … It has not been too credible. Nor has he strained because his followers know what day they live, and of course, on December 28 are more than alert. And the third and perhaps most important, is that nobody has swallowed that they are the ones who give the news , since all confirmed have given in each of the programs of the chain.

And this is not the only joke of Alba Carrillo that went wrong. In the program ‘It’s already midday’, where he collaborates, they have given the blow that the model is dating Omar Montes … Very strong, but very incredible. And this news has not been believed by anyone, moreover, social networks have burned in criticism of the innocence of the program.

Those who do participate in the contest will be Kiko Rivera and Irene Rosales, who became the first confirmed of the program. A couple that will face other faces like Antonio Tejado and Clara Acevedo.

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